Granny Gao and the Flower Shop
Short Story

A brave girl is determined to save her grandmother’s flower shop from the changing tides of their neighborhood.

Stone Fish
Full-length Play

Two estranged childhood friends relive the summer day that drove them apart and altered the course of their lives.

Sunrise 日出

Full-length Play, Contemporary English Translation

This highly accessible translation of Cao Yu’s timeless play introduces English audiences to a bold and powerful voice in modern Chinese drama.


The Yi Xi Talks 一席演讲翻译

After seeing Bi Gan’s debut feature Kaili Blues in 2016, I sought out more about the young director. I found a talk he gave on Yi Xi (a Chinese equivalent of TED Talk) that was hilarious, insightful, and inspiring. I wanted to share it with my friends. Problem was, there were no subtitles. I wrote to Yi Xi and asked if I could be their English translator. They agreed, and over the next two years I translated over twenty talks by Chinese visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs for the platform. It was a fantastic way to “spend time” with some of the most innovative people in China.

Bi Gan’s talk remains one of my favorites. Check it out!