Stone Fish
Full-length play

Bobby and Sam were inseparable as children, until an unspeakable event drove them apart and derailed both of their childhoods. Bobby, now “Robert”, has done his best to escape the town they grew up in and build a new life with his wife Maggie. When the death of Robert’s mother causes them to return, Sam seizes the opportunity to see his old friend. Memory and reality, present and past blend together as the two struggle to untangle the knots of their shared story.

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(Excerpt below)

Maggie: There was a bear.
Robert: Hm.
Maggie: It was sniffing ‘round the magnolias your Mama used to grow back of the house. I thought, that bear’s awful confused. Cuz of all the bees in the magnolias. But there’s no honey for him. Noticed he ‘as real scrawny, the bear was. Lookin, lookin... I thought, it’s the same bear used to rip down y’all’s feeders and score up the tree trunks.
Robert: Mama always said it was just kids funning.
Maggie: That’s only because--
Robert: And Sam was?
Maggie: He was on the other side o’ the dream, on the other side o’ the bear.

Robert: Doing what?
Maggie: Don’t remember.

Robert: Well what’d he look like?
Maggie: Was his child self. Real scrawny too. He looked hungry, like the bear, like they were after the same thing.